Uniform University

What is the first thing that comes to mind after thinking about the University of Oregon? Their attention grabbing uniforms? Everyone is aware that Oregon + Nike are known for their collection of extravagant uniforms and team gear.

It’s no coincidence that the co-founders of Nike, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, graduated from Oregon, either. They even made Oregon become known as the “Uniform University”, unveiling new uniforms for every big contest. Oregon takes their uniforms as seriously as their game.

As a designer, I love keeping up with the new trends, uniforms, and gear as they are released. It’s refreshing to see a school pushing the envelope and taking their uniforms to the next level. As an athlete, I can only imagine the excitement of getting a fresh uniform every game. Oregon has innovated the uniform industry. From highlighter yellow uniforms, to uniforms that look like the duck mascot, Oregon has done it all..

.. We thought.

Nike + Oregon are back at it again. This time, Oregon gets creative on the court. In February 2017, Oregon has unveiled their new “electric green” basketball uniforms. However, it’s not only the bright color that will catch your attention.

The new uniforms aren’t only electric green, they will also glow in the dark. This has created a good amount of buzz and hype for the Duck’s, but I’m having a hard time thinking of a good use for the glow in the dark feature.


See the rest of the uniform here. What do you think of this duck stunt?


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