Look Good, Play Good

I am a college athlete and have been playing school and club sports since I was 6. Ever since I can remember, making sure I looked good while playing was a necessity. I had already put in the training and hard work and when I stepped on the field or court, I had to make sure I looked the part. I am a firm believer in the saying, “Look good, play good.” When I was confident in the way I presented myself as an athlete, I found myself more confident in my playing.

Not only did I apply this saying to myself, but my opponents as well. Think about another team or player that you were intimidated by during a game. More often than not, those people were skilled in their sport and looked like they were ready to play. On the other side of that, a team isn’t going to be very concerned about a team that looks sloppy and unpresentable.

Many professional athletes stand behind the saying as well. Take a look at this video by Le’Veon Bell. He talk about his feelings before a big game including the statement, “We look good, obviously going to play good.”

Below is another story about the Seattle Seahawks and how the saying “Look good, Play good” changed their game:

During training camp last summer, the ever-energetic Pete Carroll was pacing while watching his Seattle Seahawks practice and noticed the team lacked energy. Carroll eyed the team’s blue pants, and though it wasn’t necessarily hot, he decided to change things up.

“Let’s break out the grays tomorrow,” he told Seahawks equipment manager Erik Kennedy.

The next day the team wore gray pants during practice. The energy on the field was better, and Carroll liked the look. He filed the episode away and later during a key juncture of the season, with his team 2-2 and scheduled to wear blue jerseys in an away game against the Carolina Panthers on Oct. 7, he approached Kennedy with an idea.


“Let’s go blue, gray,” he said.

That Sunday the team stepped onto the field wearing blue tops and gray bottoms. The players liked the look, and the team won 16-12. Instant karma.
Sports is filled with tales of superstition, and a team’s choice of uniform is no exception. Over the years, rumors circulate that owners will pull a jersey after a bad loss, or an owner’s wife will choose the team’s uniform with an eye toward fashion. There’s talk of players wanting to wear all black to get jacked up for big games, and coaches feeling their team plays more physical in their road whites.

*Story by  Tripp Mickle at http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2013/08/19/Franchises/Uniforms-main.aspx

An athletes confidence comes from preparation and hard work, but as you can see confidence can also come from feeling good about the way they look. Erik Kennedy, the Seattle Seahawks equipment manager says, “Put a camera above the mirror, you would see guys come up and look at themselves before the game. That stuff happens.” Other professional teams have even gotten rid of certain uniforms after a bad loss.

The saying, “Look good, Play good” can definitely have influence on a player or team. Next time you get ready to play ask yourself, “Do I look ready to play?”



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