Geaux Teal

On April 1, 2017 Louisiana State University (LSU) held a Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day. It consisted of a Geaux Teal Ovarian Cancer Walk and an awareness game against Mississippi State.


The Tigers went all out for the occasion. LSU sported fresh teal jerseys and belts, teal eyeblack, special teal bat grips, and teal helmet stickers. Coaches and managers sported “Strikeout Ovarian Cancer shirts” and teal shorts. The grounds crew went all out as well, painting the grass teal.




Even Mississippi State joined in on the action. Below you can see the team ready for the Geaux Teal walk and sporting white jerseys with teal writing and teal socks.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.14.51 AM58e04c62d6c06.image

LSU’s Ovarian Cancer Day has become its own brand. They even have a Geaux Teal Twitter account to highlight and promote the day. As a designer and an athlete, there’s nothing that gets me more excited than special jerseys and gear, especially for such a great cause.

LSU coach, Beth Torina, counted the day as a win no matter what the outcome of the game was although LSU was able to clinch the series and raise over $50,000 for Ovarian Cancer. Read more in the article, “So much bigger than softball”.


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