Today We All Wear 42


April 15, 2017 marks the 70th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson Day. Major League Baseball has celebrated this day since 2004. What better way to honor the breaking of the sport’s color barrier than to retire Robinson’s No. 42 and to have every player, coach, manager, and umpire wear it. This is such a a powerful day in Major League Baseball.

Check out these different teams each wearing 42.



Mariners Dodgers Baseball (1).jpg

Here are some other ways Jackie Robinson was honored on his day..

  1. Nike and Nike Baseball honored Robinson with an “Equality” shirt.
  2. A popular baseball clothing company, Routine Baseball, also came out with a t-shirt designed to honor Robinson. The front of the shirt reads, “Today we all wear 42.” The back of the shirt features each team in the MLB, depicted in the iconic #42 jersey number on the back.


This has always been such an amazing day in history. I love seeing each team wear 42 and seeing other ways the baseball community honors and celebrates Jackie Robinson.



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