USA Softball Rebrand

The Amateur Softball Association/USA Softball, has been the National Governing Body (NGB) of Softball in the U.S. for over 80 years.

In my opinion, the logo that they have been using for a majority of those years reflects how old the Association is.


The USA Softball logo could use some help. I don’t mind the ASA Softball logo as much, but the two logos combined cause confusion. Why are there two logos for essentially one organization? Which logo is to be used when?

To solve this problem, ASA/USA Softball has renamed and rebranded to USA Softball and came out with a new logo that has been in effect since January 2017. The organization decided to focus on evolving the brand of USA Softball as the sport evolves as well.

The rebrand and redesigned logo was approved by the ASA/USA Softball Board of Directors at its April 2016 board meeting. It will replace the ASA/USA softball split logo and transition into simply USA Softball.


The new logo reflects the sport by using the home plate shape. It features a strong and simple USA bold font to show USA Softball’s authority over the sport as the NGB. The stars and stripes are also a classic addition representing our nation.

After doing some research on the logo, I also discovered that the three red stripes reference 1933, the year ASA/USA Softball was founded, and the stars represent the four territories of ASA/USA Softball.

“This is an exciting time for ASA/USA Softball as the rebrand to USA Softball reflects our vision for the growth of the sport. For over 80 years, ASA/USA Softball has been the driving force behind the sport of softball, and this new logo truly embodies that character and legacy.  I encourage all of our members to embrace the change of rebranding our organization to USA Softball that the ASA/USA Softball Board of Directors approved during its September, 2015 Board Meeting.  As the National Governing Body of Softball, USA Softball will continue to serve as the leader in the sport of softball while helping foster the passion and love for the game to all.”  – ASA/USA Softball President Warren Jones

For more information on ASA/USA Softball click here or visit


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